Local Box 06.25.2008

Local Box Contents

My Local Box arrived today containing even more than Fearless Forager had promised — she threw in a butternut squash, too! Here’s what I’m planning to do with it all:

  • I’ll slice the peaches up over yogurt for breakfast when they feel just slightly soft when squeezed gently.
  • All this great produce and a great weekend weather forecast calls for firing up the grill! My husband’s the self-appointed grill meister, but I’ll suggest that he slice the eggplant and summer squash, then paint them with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper before he puts them over the fire for just a few minutes. We’ll soak a couple of wooden skewers in water for an hour, then string on the cherry tomatoes and grill them, too!
  • While he grills, I’ll mix the cocktails — cantaloupe granitas from the recipe Fearless Forager included in the box will hit the spot!
  • Since we’ll be spending time outside, I’ll slice the cucumber and float the slices in a pitcher of ice water. This gives it a refreshing flavor that encourages everyone to drink up — and avoid dehydration.
  • I’m glad to see I’ll have plenty of options for veggie side dishes this week. I’ll roast the okra (recipe here), then store it in the fridge to use as need with dinner and packed lunches. The sliced tomato should be so excellent this time of year that all it’ll need is a dash of salt and pepper to make a great side on its own. Green salad will be another easy side — I’ve already got the head lettuce rinsed and refrigerated in my salad spinner, so that’ll be easy to pull out and dress with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and sunflower sprouts on top.
  • Another great use for sunflower sprouts? Omelets. Adding sliced and lightly sautéed baby squash and strips of fresh basil will make them even better. We’ll serve home-fried red potatoes alongside.
  • And that surprise butternut squash? I think I’ll stash that in a basket under my counter and wait for inspiration to strike. Squash keeps very well as long as it’s free of any skin blemishes

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