Local Box 07.02.2008

This week’s box is full of summery goodness! Here’s what I think I’ll aim to do with it:

  • We’ll snack on the watermelon, cantaloupe, and blueberries.  It’s hot out — so the more we can eat without cooking, the better!
  • I’ll melt a pat of butter with some olive oil in a skillet over high heat, then sauté chopped summer squash with a bit of onion.  Then I’ll toss in the sunflower sprouts for the last minute or so to wilt them, season with salt and pepper, and serve for a summery side that won’t heat up the kitchen too badly.
  • I’ve got a nice pile of red potatoes saved up — enough to make potato salad to bring to a Fourth of July potluck.
  • For some quick refrigerator pickles that’ll go great in packed lunches, I’ll slice the cucumbers (after peeling them only if the skin tastes bitter) and some onion then, then soak them until I use them in a mixture of one-third part vinegar to two-thirds water and some dried dill weed.
  • After the peaches soften up a bit, I’ll slice them over cereal for breakfast.
  • I’ll top a pizza with the eggplant — and plenty of basil and garlic.  Fearless Flyer included a recipe for just that!
  • The lettuce is already rinsed, spun, and refrigerated in my salad spinner.  It’ll be great to make quick salads to accompany meals throughout the week.
  • All those peppers!  My husband will eat the banana peppers straight-up, and I’ll use the jalapeño to season some cheesy quesadillas.

What will YOU do with YOUR Local Box this week?


2 responses to “Local Box 07.02.2008

  1. I’ve been making fridge pickles with my cucumbers for a couple weeks as well. They are a really great healthy snack. I also quick pickled the baby squash and some zucchini with peppers added in. Yum.

  2. Though you need to add a bell pepper for this, I like to take the cucumbers (peeled, halved and sliced), onion (very thin slices), tomatoes (chopped), bell pepper (sliced thin) and add chopped garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar, sea salt, dash of tabasco and marinate in the fridge. I call it Gazpacho Salad.

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