Okra Overdose?

I love okra.  But with last week’s okra still in my crisper and Fearless Forager forecasting more in this week’s Local Box, I’m growing weary of it roasted and sautéed.  Can you recommend a great gumbo recipe or another idea for this week?


8 responses to “Okra Overdose?

  1. This looks so good, arteesvida! How much canola oil did you put in your skillet?

  2. Not a whole lot, BUT when I tried to use less it got soaked up in the breading, the breading seperated off andit became sauteed okra instead of fried breaded okra. That’s what I get for trying to cut the fat!

    I usually just eyeball it , but when I put in the okra it covered at least half the piece (so I still had to flip it)…so about half an inch? I should take a pic next time I fry.

    You could put in a good inch of oil and just deep fry the suckers if you wanted to, wouldn’t hurt nuttin!

  3. There is a killer recipe for Okra Gumbo Zeb in the Dairy Hollow Soup and Bread Cookbook. It’s an older cookbook, but worth tracking down. First you make a roux–of course–but also you make a base with a variety of greens before finally assembling the gumbo. The cookbook also has lots of other variations you can make once you have the base which can be frozen. It just makes the best gumbo I have ever tasted.

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  6. Secret to getting good fried okra is to use fresh oil ( oil used too many times has water in it that lowers useful temperature) and bring the oil to at least 350 degrees before adding the okra. Also, you need to only add in small batches because if you lower the temperature too much it will still result in a soggy mess. Use at lest one inch of oil in the pan. If you use a pan with high sides, you get much less of a mess on the stove to clean up afterward. It may seem like over kill, but use a candy/fry thermometer the first couple of times to determine the best procedure for you oven and frying pan.

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