Okra Update and a Watermelon Wonder

To follow-up on my search for new ways with okra, I tried a new recipe this weekend from the June issue of Gourmet.  (To be accurate, it was my husband who did the actual cooking!)  Our Okra Cornmeal Fritters turned out great.  We substituted Boggy Creek Farm’s smoke-dried tomatoes for the bacon the recipe calls for.  They turned out great, and the chef reports that he’d do it again, but next time he’ll soak the tomatoes in the oil overnight to better infuse it.

And to go with the fritters, waffles, and sliced heirloom tomatoes, we reached again into our Local Box to make the Watermelonade on the same page in the magazine.  We cut out the sugar since the watermelon Greenling sent was so very sweet, so essentially we just seeded the watermelon and whizzed it in the blender with a little lemon juice, salt, and ice in batches.  Then we poured the mixture through a sieve to get the pulp out.  The result was very refreshing — and much like agua fresca.  (Is this how you make agua fresca, too?)


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