Squash Mystery, Solved!

It turns out that the little flying-saucer-shaped squash in my Local Box last week were pattypans – I’d just never seen them white before.  (Fearless Forager reports that some folks got pattypans, while others got zephyrs.  Both are summer squash, so you can use them mostly interchangeably.)  My husband roasted ours with the butternut squash, the sweet potato, and a red potato we’d also received in our local box.  I associate sweet potato and winter squashes like butternut with fall and winter cooking, but this recipe, in which we substitued our various veggies for the acorn squash and an Anaheim pepper for the red chile, gives them a real summery zing!

In other weekend adventures, we fried slices of purple and white eggplant from the Local Box.  I just sliced, dredged in flour, then egg, then cornmeal and fried in canola oil.  A great weekend treat!

What did you eat out of your Local Box this weekend?


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