Four Courses of Watermelon

As I mentioned in my last post, I went into this past weekend with 2.5 watermelons, the accumulation from several consecutive Local Boxes.  I actually managed to use it all up, too.  How?

For starters, I gave one to my next-door neighbor.  She was hosting a backyard get-together with some family, so she was grateful to have it.

Then my husband and I decided to make it a dinner-party theme.  We’d already invited three other couples over, and when we sat down to plan our menu, we started by reviewing all of our collected watermelon recipes. Here are the ones we chose:

  • We started with Notebook Magazine’s watermelon sangria – a huge hit!
  • Then we moved to the table and had a first course of Gourmet’s watermelon gazpacho.  This cold soup was like nothing we’d ever tasted before.  It’s savory (not at all sweet) and refreshing, a definite make-again for us.
  • Along with local Eckerman’s sausages and Mandola’s quattro fromaggio pizza, we passed a bowl of Watermelon, Tomato, and Feta Salad from the Gourmet cookbook.
  • Then for dessert, we dished up slices of Key lime pie made from Local Box Key limes and scoops of watermelon sorbet with bittersweet chocolate chips.

How have you eaten your Local Box watermelons?


One response to “Four Courses of Watermelon

  1. I won’t be getting any trucked-in watermelons this year. I ended up growing 6 in the back yard.

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