Last night I whipped up some “coo coo,” a Barbadian dish Shannon had recommended in a comment last week.  Coo coo is kind of like a Caribbean spin on polenta — cornmeal cooked to a thick porridge with some stuff mixed in.  In this case, the mix-ins included okra from my Local Box.  I also used some Local Box bell pepper and onion in the tomato sauce I poured on top. I followed the recipe for the most part, with only a last-minute doubling of the browned butter because two tablespoons just didn’t seem like enough for all that cornmeal.  I think I could have added more okra, though.  This is a great vehicle for okra, since any sliminess gets absorbed.

To make the leftover coo coo more appealing, I packed the it into a buttered loaf pan while it was still warm, then sliced and pan-fried it this morning.  I’m looking forward to lunch!


One response to “Coo-Coo-licious!

  1. I am glad you enjoyed it!!! Corn was also a nice touch in my coo coo.

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