Sorrel Soup on Sunday

Sunday evening, Hubby made Sorrel Soup from our Local Box sorrel and the recipe that came with it.  He followed the recipe for the most part, but substituted Central Market Organics vegetable broth for the chicken stock and doubled the cream (woo hoo!).  The result was excellent!  The photo doesn’t quite do justice to how very green this soup was, and its flavor was similarly bright – lemony, almost tart. We forgot to take a picture then, but I did remember to snap a shot of the leftovers in his lunchbox yesterday morning.  (Both the lunchbox and photo were inspired by the awesome Jennifer McCann and her Vegan Lunchbox blog – the first one I ever read regularly back when she launched it three years ago.) For both lunch and dinner, we served up cornbread alongside, and for lunch Hubby also enjoyed pickled okra and sliced bell pepper from our Local Box, as well as a few raw almonds and dried cranberries.

What have you done with your Local Box sorrel?


2 responses to “Sorrel Soup on Sunday

  1. I was a little frightened of the sorrel. I responded by immediately pureeing the whole bunch in my blender with some olive oil and putting it in the freezer with more olive oil on top.

    You can read all about the stew I made with it at my blog

  2. Hey, Carrie! Your freezer technique sounds like a great one. I bet you could pull it out in the freezer come winter (when that summery flavor sounds really exotic) and wiz it with some olive oil, maybe a little parmesan and some pine nuts for a lemony pesto to pour over pasta…

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