Local Box, 09.03.2008

Here’s some good eats for this week! Look at all that green!!

  • Did anyone expect to see asparagus this week?!! It sure surprised me. I look forward to stir-frying it with some sesame seeds and soy sauce.
  • I’m happy to see even more chiles: I’ll use them and the tomatoes for a salsa recipe I’ve been wanting to try. (And of course I’ll share the recipe if it turns out well!)
  • Seeing Meyer lemons and Key limes together like this makes me wonder if I could combine their juice into a single pie, Key-lime style. Has anyone ever experimented with this? My in-laws will be in town this weekend, so I’d love to make a pie!
  • I’m all about frying up that okra after reading Fearless Forager’s mini-essay, “Southern Cooking,” in the Greenling email Friday. (Go back and read it if you didn’t already – especially the part where her son screams, “There’s something green in my okra!” Priceless.)
  • And I’ve got so many onions, now, that I’m starting to stash them away in a dark cabinet. I won’t have to shop for onions anytime soon this way!

What are your plans for eating out of the Local Box this week?


One response to “Local Box, 09.03.2008

  1. hey, do you know for how long onions keep? I’ve got about ten in my fridge now…

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