Local Box 09.10.2008

I can’t believe it’s September, and I still haven’t made any zucchini bread! This week I’ll look for my mom’s wonderful zucchini-lemon bundt cake recipe, and maybe try the one posted this week over at A Couple of Cooks, too.

The husband, whom we can thank for this photo, has some kind of French onion tart in mind. Sounds good to me!

And while writing about eggplant for Texas Locavore yesterday, I remembered a great pizza recipe. We’ll look forward to that as a dinner with a side of green salad from Local Box lettuce and basil later in the week.

How are you planning to eat out of your Local Box this week? In particular, what are you planning to do with the okra and sweet potatoes?


One response to “Local Box 09.10.2008

  1. How about an onion gratin? (i just got a cookbook with an awesome sounding recipe). i am going to dig up mom’s okra gumbo recipe (i hope). i’ll be keeping an eye out here for ideas for the sweet potatoes, too. maybe a sweet potato pie.

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