Local Box, 09.17.2008

Here are the goods! We delved into our Local Box last night for some onions that I roasted and used as pizza topping along with last week’s roasted summer squash and zucchini. I’d like to have at those green beans tonight! Any great ideas on how to prepare them to best showcase their freshness?


2 responses to “Local Box, 09.17.2008

  1. I like to steam the beans and serve them with oven roasted red potatoes and lots of herbs – esp. rosemary. I’ve never tried roasting the beans but I bet they would be wonderful!

  2. I adapted a recipe that seemed at those it was designed for last week’s local box. Here it is:

    Zucchini and Red Bell Peppers

    Uses and servings: Vegetable side (4), Antipasti (6-8)

    Slice 2 red bell peppers into quarters and remove seeds and white membrane. Roast over gas grill turning periodically until skin is roasted but not yet blackened. On grill place one-half head of garlic drizzled with olive oil and wrap in foil. The garlic will finish prior to the peppers. Remove the garlic when softened but not yet mushy.

    Meanwhile, slice 2 zucchini (skin on) into ½ inch thick rounds, then halve or quarter into bite-size pieces. Steam until tender-crisp (about 3-4 minutes).

    In bowl combine olive oil (2 Tbsp), vinegar (Balsamic or sherry – about 1 tsp), salt and peppers. Add thinly sliced basil leaves (6), snipped chives (3 Tbsp).

    When bell peppers are done, chop to ½ inch and add to vinegar/oil mixture along with cooked zucchini. Peel whole cloves of roasted garlic. Mix together and serve either hot (as vegetable side) or near room temperature (as antipasti).

    Adapted from Williams-Sonoma Vegetable cookbook.

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