The Yuckiest Green-Bean Casserole EVER

I should have known better than to choose a recipe that has bell peppers as a main ingredient and is baked. While I love raw bell pepper, I dislike its cooked flavor. But I was excited to use Local Box green beans, onion, and bell pepper all at once. And I was charmed by Joy of Cooking’s retro description:

What becomes of the onions and peppers? They frequently disappear, leaving marvelously seasoned beans. An easy dish for the hostess who cooks her own dinner.

There was no bell pepper disappearance. Rather, every bite tasted like cooked bell pepper. So I’ll include the recipe here in case you happen to like that flavor. As for me? The next time I get a hankering for green-bean casserole, I’ll pull out the cream-of-mushroom soup and fried onions.

Green Bean Casserole, from Joy of Cooking

  • Preheat oven to 350°.
  • Trim: 1 lb. green beans
  • Skin and chop: 4 medium-sized white onions
  • Remove the seeds and membrane from: 2 medium-sized green peppers
  • Chop the peppers. Butter a baking dish. Place in it alternate layers of the vegetables, beginning and ending with a layer of beans.  Sprinkle each layer with: Salt and paprika
  • Dot each layer with: Butter
  • Bake the vegetables covered for about 1 hour, or until the beans are tender. Before serving, garnish with Au Gratin II (dry bread crumbs, dots of butter, and paprika).

2 responses to “The Yuckiest Green-Bean Casserole EVER

  1. I have nothing against cooked bell peppers, but this sounds awfully dry! Coincidentally, I made a green bean casserole last night using a “homemade cream of mushroom soup” – sauted mushrooms then added a cup of veggie broth and a little sherry, then thickened with flour, poured that over the already steamed green beans. Top with bread crumbs (panko works great) or french fried onions and bake. It was good!

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