About that Galette…

The green apple I bit into as I unpacked my Local Box on Wednesday was so flavorful, but its skin was rather tough… it inspired me to ditch all obligations and bake. In such an inspired mood, though, I didn’t use a recipe. Sometimes, such impulsive cooking leads to total disaster. This time, though, the results were quite tasty. Here’s what I did:

  • I made a piecrust. A reasonable person would consult a recipe (such as this one, for example) for proportions, but in my inspired zeal, I dumped some flour, a little salt, a stick of butter cut in tablespoon chunks, and a shake of each cinnamon and sugar in the food processor, whizzed until the crumbs were small and even, then whizzed in some cold water until the dough came together, just barely. I wrapped that in waxed paper and stuck it in the fridge for a quick chill.
  • Next, I sliced those three apples (including the one I’d taken two bites of… is that gross?), unpeeled, into a bowl and spritzed a bit of Meyer lemon juice over them. I added a little sugar, some cinnamon, a handful of chopped walnuts, and one of golden raisins and mixed.
  • Pulling the dough from the refrigerator, I rolled it into a pleasing shape, then transferred it onto my Silpat-covered baking sheet. I mounded the filling on top, folded up the edges, then brushed with egg white leftover from Tuesday’s Key-lime pie. I sprinkled with a little coarse sugar for sparkle, then baked (at 375°, I think). When it started to smell good, I peeked in and noticed the exposed apples looked dry, so I spooned a little leftover Meyer-lemon sauce over the top, then baked for a few more minutes.

This time I got lucky: My Local Box inspiration came out great! What has your Local Box inspired lately?


5 responses to “About that Galette…

  1. “Galette,” by the way, is the French term for a rustic, free-form apple tart… It’s like apple pie without the top-crust or pie pan!

  2. Again, I used one of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks to make omelettes with chorizo, red peppers, the last of my mushrooms and cherry tomatoes (cook tomatoes and chorizo together first). Another recipe of his allowed me to use last and this week’s batch of red potatoes, with a meyer lemon, oil and dill (that was in my local box this week) dressing.

  3. I made mojitos with the mint and key limes.

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