Local Box, 11.12.2008


It seems like there was even more food than usual in this week’s Local Box! Collards, kale, and mustard will keep us in the green for days, no doubt. And what a treat to find avocadoes! I’m swamped this week, so I’ll be looking for some quick meals. A microwaved sweet potato and an apple will make a great quick lunch, and perhaps I’ll roast that big ol’ zucchini to toss with pasta for an easy dinner. What have you got planned for your Local Box this week?


2 responses to “Local Box, 11.12.2008

  1. Sweet! I get my box tomorrow so I have a little peak of what I’ll get.

    What do I have planned? Humm, zucchini cakes were my favorite thing I made with my last box. I grated the zucchini on the cheese grader, add egg, little flower, salt, pepper, pinch of baking powder, and some dill from the box. I also added in a little of queso fresco (local) to the second batch. Awesome with some fresh made apple sauce.

  2. Tonight I made smoky collard greens – saute onion and garlic then add the collards with water or broth and a Tbs each of liquid smoke and molasses (veg sub for the traditional ham hock.) Simmer for 45-60 min. It was awesome!

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