Local Box, 11.19.2008


I’m tempted to decorate with the undulating sea of greens that arrived in my Local Box yesterday. But they’re too rich and flavorful – I’d rather eat them instead. I’ve got out-of-state guests coming for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I’m psyched to see avocadoes again — guacamole is a quick-and-easy hors d’oeuvre with real regional flair, especially when made with local onion and Key lime juice. I think I’ll plan to turn some of those Meyer lemons into sauce for gingerbread pancakes, too. And I’m hoping to find time to turn some of the Meyer lemons I’ve collected into marmalade for a cranberry sauce recipe I’m excited to try. I’ll horde this week’s sweet potatoes for next week’s big meal, and maybe fry some green tomatoes, too.

What have you got planned for your Local Box this week?

2 responses to “Local Box, 11.19.2008

  1. I didn’t get a list in this week’s box – what sorts of greens are in there? I recognized (and consumed) the collards already, but what are the others – mustard? And those little white root vegetables – radishes of some sort?

  2. The greens that look a little like oversized dandelion leaves are mustard, and I also got more kale – that’s the one with the curly-edged leaves (upper right in the picture). The white root vegetables are the Japanese turnips! Can’t wait to try them…

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