Meyer-Lemon Mmmarmalade

imgp65661I am so excited about this: I finally made Meyer-Lemon Marmalade from this recipe on Saturday. It’s SO good! I followed the recipe until it came time for canning it. I used the method I grew up using to make jam, instead, though the method in the recipe looks straightforward enough. We ate it on toast this morning, and I used it in the Thanksgiving cranberry sauce I made on Sunday. I’m excited to make more to give as gifts, too. We’ll keep most of this batch to ourselves, though, perhaps giving a jar or two to only the most understanding of friends. I forgot to turn the jars back over again before bed, so my marmalade jelled with air to spare at the bottom of each jar. Whoops!

How are you eating out of your Local Box for Thanksgiving this year?


5 responses to “Meyer-Lemon Mmmarmalade

  1. We are having a fairly traditional Thanksgiving menu (sans turkey), so of course the plethora of sweet potatoes I have been hoarding will be put to use this week, and we’ll have a lovely salad from all the lettuce, assorted greens, and turnips. I will use the red potatoes to make mashed potatoes, and the onions will go into the dressing and gravy. We’ll also have the fresh radishes and carrots to snack on while everything is bubbling on the stove!

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