Keeping Warm with Polenta

polentaBaby, it’s cold outside! Without any dinner plans last night and the furnace working hard to keep the house at a mere 62 degrees, I improvised from last week’s Local Box. I brought water to a boil and whisked in polenta, then added diced butternut squash I’d roasted last week. In the meantime, I rinsed last week’s mixed greens and sauteed them in a bit of butter and garlic. When the polenta looked done, I grated in some Grana Padano cheese and stirred in a tablespoon of butter. We scooped the polenta into bowls and topped with the greens, then let the warmth flow all the way down to our bellies.

What are you eating from your Local Box to keep warm?

4 responses to “Keeping Warm with Polenta

  1. We made a delicious curried butternut soup last night with all our little squashes! Yum.

  2. YUM! Where did you find the recipe?

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