Polenta, Reprise

polentaii-01My favorite polenta trick – and this is big, the kind of thing I hope my as-yet nonexistent kids will one day tell their kids – is to pack leftover polenta into a plastic or glass container and smooth it over before refrigerating. This is the starting point for a brilliant leftover meal: Pan-fried polenta. Last night, the husband stopped off at Mandola’s on his way home from work and picked up some of their house-made, Sicilian-style fennel sausage. (It’s made from pork out of Bryan, so it’s another ultra-local product.) Then he pan-fried some of our leftover polenta – which, if you recall, was studded with Local Box butternut squash – in one pan, and sauteed some Local Box baby bok choy with garlic in another, browning the sausage in another pan at the same time. Dinner came together in minutes and was scrumptious – another warming meal for a surprisingly chilly Texas night!

What did you eat out of your Local Box last night?


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