The Season for Latkes

latkesFull disclosure: I’m not a Jew. But I  embrace any holiday that has a good message and, um, good food. We’d stocked up quite a collection of Local Box potatoes, so yesterday I broke all the rules I’ve read about making latkes (things like hand-grating, then saving water that drains off and straining out the starch to mix back in) and threw all the potatoes I had left into the food processor with a Local Box red onion, then mixed with some egg whites that had been in the fridge forever (leftover from… Key-lime pie, perhaps?) but were, miraculously, still good. In the meantime, I chopped up a few Local Box apples, then tossed those in a pot with a pat of butter (why? no idea.), then allowed them to simmer while I pan-fried the latkes in butter and canola oil. I mashed up the apples with a big wooden spoon when they were soft, and sprinkled a bit of salt over them. We dolloped sour cream alongside latkes and applesauce to serve, and the results were quite pleasing. Over dinner, we talked about miracles and light and perserverence and the wonderful things faith inspires.

Happy Hanukkah!


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