Local Box, 01.21.2009


Some very tasty veggies came in this week’s Local Box. I can’t *wait* to eat those radishes. And I tasted the spinach even before I took the picture. (It’s super tender and flavorful!) I’m planning to roast the beets and serve them alongside some lentils for dinner tomorrow.  I ate a tangerine with breakfast this morning – and expect the others will meet a similar fate. I’m stumped on the sweet potatoes, though. I’ve been deep-frying them into chips a lot lately, but I’m up for a change. Any ideas? How about on the bok choy? It’d be lovely in a stir-fry, but it’s so fresh and young, inspiring me to try something new. What do you have planned for your Local Box this week?

One response to “Local Box, 01.21.2009

  1. I roasted the sweet potatoes after tossing them, chopped, with olive oil, s&p; and threw in the radishes and 1 beet (odd that I got just one) also chopped. I added the garlic for the second half hour; and MAN–what a dish. Whatever we had as the main item, I’ve forgotten–this side dish won out.

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