Kraut Pletzlach

kraut1Last night’s grey, damp weather called for comfort food. And a Local Box cabbage had been calling from my crisper drawer for weeks. (It was still good, save for a few wilted outer leaves I sent to the compost pile.) I met both calls with a recipe I clipped from the Austin American-Statesman back in October for cabbage noodles. This turned out to be a quick and easy, one-dish meal that was every bit as comforting as I’d hoped. We topped ours with regular ol’ cottage cheese, as opposed to the dry-curd version mentioned in the article. But the results were great.

How are you eating from your Local Box on these cool, rainy days?


One response to “Kraut Pletzlach

  1. Dear Locavore,
    Sorry but I didn’t know how else to reach you, but does Greenling advertise your site? I’ve told several friends who are local box customers about you, and they hadn’t heard. Love this site.

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