Local Box, 01.28.2009


Is there anything prettier than a picture that includes BOTH avocadoes and cilantro??? Yum! Our plans this weekend don’t include the Super Bowl, but they do include a molcajete – my favorite bowl for guacamole-making! I’m happy to see Meyer lemons again, too.  I think I’ll make some lemon squares for Grandma – and maybe some more marmalade, too. The sight of Meyer lemons alongside rosemary inspires me, also, though to what end I’m not yet sure. A pasta dish, perhaps, with a lemon-rosemary sauce? And capers? We’ll see. Those collard greens and this cold weather point to polenta for dinner some night this week, and the spinach is so tender and flavorful that it’ll make excellent salads. I’ll hard-boil some eggs today so I’ll have them on-hand to make spinach salad into a quick, hearty lunch.

What is this week’s Local Box inspiring you to make?


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