Hot-Mushroom Sandwiches

portobello_sandwichesFor dinner one night last week, we took inspiration from an idea in Nigel Slater’s Real Food. (Slater, however, credits this recipe to Nigella Lawson.) We mixed some softened butter with chopped parsley and garlic, then piled that atop the scales of our Local Box portobello mushrooms. These went under the broiler until oozing juice. We soaked up the juice on sliced local ciabatta, the smeared with dijon mustard. We topped the mushroom with beet microgreens, spritzed with lemon and seasoned with salt. And thus a luscious dinner from our Local Box was born.

How have you eaten your Local Box portobellos?


2 responses to “Hot-Mushroom Sandwiches

  1. We love portabello fajitas, just slice them into strips with onion and peppers. We also do the sandwiches with just melted full quiver mozzarella and tomatoes on top.

  2. I second the fajita idea! Sprinkle them with a bit of cumin, salt, and pepper and then we grilled the mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes and I made guacamole and we had awesome veggie fajitas.

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