Local Box, 02.11.2009


This week’s Local Box brings a newcomer to my kitchen: I’ve never cooked with kohlrabi before! (It’s between the brussels sprouts and the green shallots in the picture, if you’re a kohlrabi newbie like me.) So I’ll need to do a bit of research. (I’ll let you know what I find!) In the meantime, do you have any suggestions about how to cook kohlrabi?

Among the many great greens, here, there’s yet another bunch of rosemary. That’ll be a challenge for me this week, as I know have three bunches of it in my refrigerator! We’ve been using it, alright, but not quickly enough to keep pace. I may bake some rosemary bread or stew some white beans with garlic and rosemary this week to make headway. It’s a good thing it keeps well!

Speaking of keeping: If you can only do one thing on the day you get your Local Box this week, free those mixed lettuces from their plastic bag. Leaves can decay if they’re pressed up against plastic. I went ahead and rinsed and spun mine, then left them in the spinner in the ‘fridge. It’s a great way to keep them aerated, yet humid for maximum freshness.


2 responses to “Local Box, 02.11.2009

  1. I love eating kohlrabi pealed raw with a little bit of salt. It would probably be good cut finely on a salad as well. It’s a lot like a radish.

    I’ve read the greens can be cooked down but I haven’t tried it.

  2. I cut mine into thin slices and sauteed in butter with a little sea salt and ground pepper. Also, I cooked the greens with the other greens we received in last week’s box.

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