Bulghur Bowls

imgp1670Do I need a more appetizing name for this dish? It’s my latest favorite quickie: Heat up a little olive oil or butter in a sautée pan. Add garlic or onions. Add rinsed (but not spun) and torn greens – collards, spinach, arugula, kale, or whatever else you’ve got. After greens are wilted, sprinkle bulghur over them and salt. Cover and reduce heat to low for 10 minutes or so – long enough to steam the bulghur. Season as desired. I like soy sauce on mine, and chiles are nice, too. I thought my husband was crazy when he whipped out the salad dressing for his bulghur bowl the other night, but he insists it was an inspired choice.

What are your go-to tricks for eating – FAST – out of the Local Box?


3 responses to “Bulghur Bowls

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  2. Lately I’ve just been whatever local veggies there are and throwing them into a soup. When homemade broth is used, it takes good no matter what I throw in there.

    BTW, what on earth to do with all of that cilantro…? A friend of mine makes pesto…any other ideas?

  3. I was amazed to see yet MORE cilantro this week! Fortunately, it seems to be keeping well in my fridge. Pesto sounds like the way to go to me – especially because it freezes well in ice-cube trays (just re-heat slowly; microwaving can kill the flavor). I’ll dig out my cilantro-walnut pesto recipe to share. I bet it would be good with Texas pecans, too!

    Your soup sounds awesome; a great idea.

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