Local Veggie Mish-Mash, with Quinoa

imgp7029I heart quinoa. Last night I cooked some up using a new-to-me method from Paula Disbrowe’s book, Cowgirl Cuisine. Instead of rinsing it ’till kingdom come, she toasts it before cooking. (On a cookie sheet, 350 for 8 minutes.) After toasting, I dumped it into a pot of boiling water (3 cups water to 2 cups quinoa) to cook for 15 minutes. Yum! Until it gets so hot I’m loathe to fire up the oven, this method will serve me well. It did last night, especially under the mish-mash of Local Box carrots, scallions, and collards I cooked lightly, then spooned over it. I even added sliced avocado at the end. When the ingredients are this right, it’s hard to go wrong.

What did you eat out of the Local Box yesterday?


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