Local Box, 03.11.2009


STRAWBERRIES!!! Just-picked, local, and delivered to my door. Does it get any better than this? Makes all the cilantro seem worth it 🙂 But back to those strawberries: If you haven’t snarfed them all already, I recommend letting them come up to room temperature before you eat them. Their flavor is excellent, but dulled by cold. (Want to read more on Texas strawberries? Click here.)

Also in the Local Box this week, we’ve got plenty of greens and a rogue avocado and grapefruit, too. It’s going to be a tasty week of local eating!

How do you plan to eat out of the Local Box this week?


One response to “Local Box, 03.11.2009

  1. Well I did make the strawberry bread recipe that came in my box. The strawberries were so delicious fresh that it was a hard decision. However the bread was delicious and served as a great breakfast and dessert for several days. I am really stumped on what to do with all that cilantro though. I made a cilantro pesto pasta a few weeks ago but it didn’t seem to have much flavor.

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