Local Box Meal Plan for June 2-6

Just got word of this week’s Local Box contents! We’ve got green tomatoes (Ringger Farm), sweet corn (Acadian), italian cucumber (Buena Tierra), green beans (Animal Farm), patty pan squash (Naegelin), carrots (Tecolote), mangoes (G&S Groves), peaches (Caskey), beets (Tecolote), and blackberries (Naegelin). So this week, I’m making:

Snacks (sometimes it’s best just to eat these as is!):

  • Mangoes
  • Peaches


  • Carrot-ginger soup (I’m one of those people who’s freezing no matter how hot it is outside.)




As a Yank, I’m pretty excited about the green tomatoes! How do you make green tomatoes? Got any family recipes to share?


One response to “Local Box Meal Plan for June 2-6

  1. All the green tomato recipes I’m aware of are simply fried in cornmeal, or perhaps a green tomato chutney. I’ve never actually used them, so I’m no real help…

    If you have a pressure cooker, try making the beets in there. They seem to turn out perfectly every time! For pickled beets, I use rice wine vinegar, white vinegar, and water in equal portions, a few spoons of sugar, and a cut-up onion. I pressure-cook them for about 30 minutes, and let them cool in the liquid in the fridge. Then it’s super-easy to slip the skins off, slice them, and store them in the liquid until you want to eat them up. I love them with crumbled blue cheese on them, which is probably nasty to the rest of the world, but I think they’re divine!

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