Local Box Meal Plan for June 8-12

We’re moving on Saturday, and we’ve been packing up my kitchen little by little. I’ve been trying to keep as many things out as possible, but it’s hard to convince my husband that I’ll need the tagine or the immersion blender in the next few days. As such, I’ve been keeping our meals as simple as possible, not only because there isn’t much to cook with, but also because with all the packing we’ve been doing, I’m exhausted!

So I’m keeping the meal plan really straightforward. Greenling is sending us sorrel from Tecalote, blueberries from Cary’s Berry Best, cucumber from Buena Tierra or My Father’s Farm, green beans from Animal Farm, patty pan squash from Naegelin, mango from G&S groves, basil from My Father’s Farm, peaches from Caskey, sweet corn from Acadian, and French carrots from Tecalote.

Check out what I’m making — rather, “preparing:”

Sunday Brunch (that’s if my nonstick pan makes it out of a box):

  • Sorrel omelette (you can use sorrel in place of spinach in many recipes, and my favorite omelettes have spinach, mushrooms, and lots of good cheese)


  • Green salad with sorrel, basil (I love putting herbs in my salads!), carrots, cucumbers, sweet corn and patty pan squash


Snacks (I’ve enticed those helping us move with pizza and beer, but just in case they want something a bit healthier):

  • Blueberries
  • Mango
  • Peaches

Are you making anything fun with your sorrel this week?

One response to “Local Box Meal Plan for June 8-12

  1. I never got very creative with the sorrel last year. I think we got 3 bunches and I used one in a soup, one in salads, and sadly, one went bad before I could use it. Thanks for the omelet/spinach suggestion – that will help me figure out something to do with it!

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