Local Box Meal Plan for June 22-26

I’ve been in a cooking slump this week (I think it’s because of the move), which means that I neither got around to the green smoothie nor the grilled peaches this week. What can I say; peach pancakes won out over the smoothie!

At any rate, we’re getting peaches and blueberries in our Local Box again this week, so I have another shot. In addition, we’re also getting: pickling cucumbers from Acadian, blueberries from Berry Best, Juliette tomatoes from Acadian, summer squash from Walnut Creek, Beefsteak tomatoes from Urban Youth, lemon basil from My Father’s Farm or Acadian, onions from Acadian or Naegelin, LaSoda potatoes from Guinea Hill, peaches from Caskey, and sweet corn from Acadian or Richardson.

We’re getting 2 types of tomatoes this week, and I LOVE warm tomatoes. They’re my weakness. So you bet they’ll be finding their way to the grill!

So this week, we’re eating:




  • Grilled pizza with fresh mozzerella, lemon basil, Juliette tomatoes, and summer squash (if you’ve never grilled your pizzas, you have to try it. It’s my favorite way to make pizza!)
  • My version of Good Stuff Eatery‘s Obama burger with roquefort, bacon, and onion relish

Doesn’t that look SO good?! Believe me, it was.

With those grilled peaches from last week (hopefully) in there, too. They sounded awesome!


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