Grilled Pizzas

Grilled pizzas are the closest you’re going to get to a wood stove at home, so it’s surprising that more people don’t grill their pizzas. Bobby Flay recently did an entire episode on grilled pizzas, and it’s no wonder — there are so many different combinations of things to put on there.

My husband likes to stay conservative with his, whereas I like to pile on the veggies. When the tomatoes are really ripe, we’ll forgo sauce and just use tomato slices. It turns out a bit more like flatbread than a normal pizza this way.

For the dough, I use the same recipe I blogged here. It’s quick and has a good texture for grilling (gets a bit crispier, rather than chewy). When you roll it out, brush canola oil on one side and put the pizza oiled-side down on a medium-hot grill. While it’s cooking, brush canola oil on the other side and flip the pizza after ~5 minutes of cooking. Add your toppings to the cooked side (which is now facing up) and cook for ~3 minutes on that side.

As you can see, I pile mine up with whatever veggies I can get. I used tomatoes and peppers from our Greenling delivery, plus criminis and red onions from the Pearl farmers market and mozzerella, olives and cilantro from the grocery store.

My husband went a bit simpler with his: sliced tomatoes, fresh basil, a few red onions here and there, and mozzerella.

What do you put on your pizza? Are you more like me and throw on everything you can, or are more like my husband and use more discretion in your topping selections?