Local Box Meal Plan: July 27-31

Greenling, you’re throwing me a curveball this week. Eggplant, okra AND figs? Lots of my favorite textures there. =/ Luckily, I’ve got a plan!

This week, we’re getting figs, blueberries from Berry Best, watermelon from Acadian, peaches from Cooper Orchards, baby leeks from Animal Farm, crimini mushrooms from Kitchen Pride, eggplant from Tecalote, okra from Acadian, sweet Italian peppers from Lundgren, cucumbers from Acadian, lettuce from Bluebonnet Hydroponics, and herbs from Tecalote. So here’s what I’m making:


  • Fig waffles
  • Omelette with cheddar, leeks and mushrooms


  • Baba ganoush (making it just like I make hummus, as David Lebovitz’s didn’t really do it for me) with pita chips
  • Green salad with cucumbers and herbs

Side dish:


  • Goat stew with italian peppers and okra
  • Bison steaks with a blueberry sauce


Do you have any “problem” veggies that come in your CSA box?


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