Local Box Meal Plan: August 10-14

This week, we’re getting portabellos from Kitchen Pride, blueberries from Berry Best, limes from G&S Groves, a peach from Cooper Orchards, red bell pepper from Tecalote, basil and lettuce from Bluebonnet Hydroponics, okra from Naegelin, red or yellow potatoes from Tecalote, baby leeks from Animal Farm, eggplant from Tecalote, and figs from Purple Goose Farm.

So we’re having:


  • Granola with peaches and figs (if you have a dehydrator, you can dry the peaches and figs and throw them into the granola)


  • Grilled balsamic-marinated portabello, red pepper and eggplant sandwiches



  • Blueberry-lime frozen yogurt

I’m excited for the first limes of the season! What are you doing with yours? (Quartering them for Dos XX doesn’t count!)


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