Lychee-Mint Champagne Cocktail

[Printable Recipe]

We received a huge bunch of mint in our Local Box last week, so I thought that using the mint in the champagne cocktails would be the perfect opportunity to show off Greenling at Theresa’s lingerie shower.

Lychees are small, whitish-pink, round fruits that are common in Asian cuisine. They’re sweet, but not overly so. You can find them in the Asian food section of your grocery store. They’ll usually come in a can with the syrup. Save the syrup, as I like adding it to my cocktail along with the actual fruit.


  • 1 lychee fruit
  • 1 tsp. syrup from the canned lychees
  • 1 sprig of fresh mint leaves
  • Sparkling wine, champagne, prosecco, cava — whatever you have!


  • Add the lychee and syrup to the bottom of a champagne flute.
  • Bruise the mint leaves by rolling them between your palms or fingers, then add to the bottom of the champagne flute.
  • Fill the flute with champagne and enjoy!

Yummy, bubbly goodness. The lychee syrup infuses the champagne with a subtle sweetness and the mint gives it just a hint of menthol. This is one of my favorite cocktails.


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