Local Box Meal Plan: Oct. 26-30

The last okra of the year? Say it isn’t so! And I haven’t even made a stew in the slow-cooker yet. Now that it’s getting cooler, I think it’s about time.

This week, we’re getting bell peppers from My Father’s Farm or Walnut Creek, yellow/red onions and red potatoes from Naegelin, yellow/dragon tongue beans from Animal Farm, gala apples from Top of Texas, turnips, dill and red radishes from My Father’s Farm, Bibb lettuce from Bella Verdi, crimini mushrooms from Kitchen Pride, and okra from Walnut Creek.

So I’m making:


  • Chicken salad with apples on Bibb lettuce


  • Cheesesteaks with sauteed mushrooms, onions and peppers
  • Slow-cooker beef stew with okra and tomatoes

Side Dishes:

  • Turnip and radish greens with sauteed garlic
  • Apple-turnip compote
  • Mashed potatoes with buttermilk and dill
  • Yellow beans with dill and quickly pickled onions

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