A Local Box Thanksgiving

Better late than never, right? I told you about how I was planning on using my Greenling box for Thanksgiving dinner this year. I had to supplement a bit (my sit-down dinner for 6 ballooned into an all-out buffet for 15), but I kept all of the dishes the same and just made more. Here are some of the successes of the night:

Cranberry-Persimmon Chutney:


The great thing about this dish was that I made it ahead of time and just took it out of the fridge an hour before my guests arrived. This could definitely take the place of a traditional cranberry sauce, but it’s a bit sweeter and more complex in flavor. I used this recipe (minus the pork part) and left the cinnamon sticks in for the entire simmering process. I also realized that the liquid wasn’t reducing at all after about an hour of simmering, at which point I cranked up the heat and reduced the liquid so that it was the consistency of a chutney.

I served this with crackers and a local aged camembert that I got from Humble House at the Pearl Farmers Market.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes:


Such an easy recipe that’s great for a weeknight dinner too. Just cube the potatoes (other root veggies, like turnips or parsnips, would be great here too), toss them in a bit of canola oil and herbs (I like thyme, dried or fresh is fine), spread them out on a baking sheet and roast at 400 degrees for 40 minutes, tossing midway though the cooking time. I like roasting veggies like this because they reheat nicely (so you can make it ahead of time) and it’s so forgiving that it’s not stressful when making it for a large crowd.

Rosemary Parmesan Pinwheels:


We also got a huge bunch of rosemary in our box, so I served this appetizer to appropriately highlight it. I actually prepped these the night before and baked them right before guests came, and they turned out really well. I doubled the amount of parmesan (what can I say — I like parmesan!), so they were doubly salty and cheesy. The bottoms were a bit browner than I would’ve liked (I let them go probably a minute too long), but our guests still loved them. They were great little bites before dinner. I’m looking forward to experimenting with puff pastry pinwheels using other ingredients (perhaps using sundried tomatoes, other herbs, meats or lox?).

Did you make any Thanksgiving recipe with the contents of your Local Box?


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