Local Box Meal Plan: Jan. 11-15

Given the devastating freeze that afflicted South Texas last week, I wasn’t hopeful that our Greenling Local Box would contain too many goodies. Luckily for us, I was mistaken! Though I expect that some of these items may change due to unpredictable quantities, I still wanted to make a plan for the things we would get.

We’re supposed to get bok choy and radishes from My Father’s Farm, apples from Top of Texas, tangerines from Orange Blossom, collard greens from Naegelin, Louisiana spring shallots and green leaf lettuce from Acadian, broccoli microgreens from Bella Verdi, and purple turnips from Lundgren.

So I’m making:




Side Dishes:


7 responses to “Local Box Meal Plan: Jan. 11-15

  1. Where do you get star anise? I’ve been to HEB, Tim’s Oriental Market and Whole Foods with no success.

  2. I’ve found it in the spice section of my local HEB. Look in the more upscale spices (usually around the organic ones). I’m surprised you can’t find it in an asian market though, given how prominent it is in asian cuisine.

    You could always order some from Penzeys, which has a wonderful, high quality selection.

  3. Hmmm… maybe I just didn’t recognize it. Does it come in a jar?

  4. I have seen “anise” and I have some of that but I looked it up and saw it is totally different than star anise.

  5. Yes, it’s in a jar. I just looked at mine, and it’s made by Morton and Bassett. It’s completely different than anise. Since you’ve already tried the asian market and Whole Foods, if you have a Central Market by you, I’d look there!

  6. in Asian markets the spices are usually in plastic baggies. The star anise should be next to the peppercorns and cinnamon sticks.

  7. I searched high and low at Tim’s – up and down every aisle twice. I thought it was really weird, too! I will definitely check Central Market, though.

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