Local Box Meal Plan: March 29-April 2

This week’s box looks awesome. Not that past boxes haven’t been awesome, but we get artichokes this week! A rare treat. I also don’t often see golden beets and celery in the Local Box, so enjoy them while you can.

The entire box will contain:

  • Artichoke — Martinez Farms
  • French carrots — Acadian
  • Red Russian kale — TX Natural (give your kale a sniff before you cook it — it has a lovely floral scent when raw)
  • Grapefruit, limes, or oranges — G&S Groves
  • Cilantro — Acadian
  • Romaine lettuce — Acadian
  • White mushrooms — Kitchen Pride
  • Spring onions — Green Gate
  • Golden beets and beet greens — Acadian
  • Celery — Finca Pura Vida

I am making:

  • Basic steamed artichoke dipped in melted butter — This is a great tutorial on how to cook and eat an artichoke if your experience with them (like mine) doesn’t extend past popping open a can of marinated hearts.
  • Farfalle with golden beets, beet greens, and pine nuts — If you’ve only ever cooked with red beets and hate how they bleed everywhere when you cut them, you’ll find golden beets to be a pleasant change of pace. They don’t drip and stain your cutting board.
  • Chicken and sausage jambalaya (subbing spring onions for the green onions) — This recipe makes a HUGE pot. I mean a giant stockpot full, so use the biggest pot you have or just halve the recipe. It says it makes 10 servings, but that’s if your servings are ginormous. Jambalaya is not a weeknight meal, but make it on the weekend and you’ll have several delicious meals ahead of you. It’s like chili in that it tastes even better the second day.
  • Almond chicken salad (adding romaine)
  • Spaghetti with kale and garlic chips — Christina posted a comment below recommending using kale in this recipe instead of chard, which sounds great to me.
  • Citrus grove punch — This looks really refreshing. I know we’re only getting either grapefruits, limes, or oranges this week, but I thought you might have some leftovers from past weeks waiting to be used. Like I do.

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