Local Box Meal Plan: April 26-30

Couple of unusual veggies coming this week in the form of lentil sprouts and kohlrabi, neither of which I’ve used much. I can’t wait to cook them up in all their tasty goodness. The entire box contains:

Lentil sprouts — Groovy Greens
Gold or striped beets — Ringger
Flat-leaf parsley — Tecolote
Grapefruit and oranges — G&S Groves
Garlic — Tecolote
Spring onions — Acadian
Chard — Bradshaw
Kohlrabi — Ringger or Tecolote
Carrots — My Father’s Farm
Baby lettuce mix — Bluebonnet or My Father’s Farm

So, I am making:

Lentil sprouts salad with spicy vinaigrette — I came across several versions of a curried lentil sprout salad when I was looking for ways to prepare these. Anyone know if they are a common ingredient in Indian cuisine?

Marinated beets — I have come to terms with the fact that there is no fast way to prepare fresh beets. I have also realized that they are always worth the effort. These guys will be tasty snacks on their own or thrown into a salad. Be sure to save the greens for…

Soba noodles with soybeans, beet greens, and chard — I love me some soba noodles. This is going to be in my lunchbox for the week.

Cream of kohlrabi soup garnished with chopped parsley — Have you ever had kohlrabi? I hadn’t until a few months back. It tastes very much like broccoli, which is why, being a fan of cream of broccoli soup, I liked the idea of this soup. If you want to taste the kohlrabi in its more native form, try roasting it.

Pan-seared scallops on baby lettuce with tarragon vinaigrette — I’ve been eating a lot of cold salads with lettuce lately (as I’m sure we all have, considering all the salad mixes we’ve gotten) so I was pleased to come across this use for lettuce. I love the combo of seafood and citrus, so I’m going to add sectioned orange and grapefruit slices. Yum!

Cider-glazed carrots — Nice, simple side dish. Carrots + brown sugar = good times.


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