Local Box Meal Plan: June 7-11

Lots of items this week! We are getting:

Carrots – Ringger
Mango – G&S
Green bell peppers – My Father’s Farm
Blue potatoes -Home Sweet Farm
Basil – Ringger
Peaches -Caskey Orchards
Fennel – Bar W
Cucumber – Acadian
Swiss chard – Acadian
Corn – Acadian
Onions – My Father’s Farm
Green tomatoes – Ringger

So, I am making:

Blue potato honey mustard salad
Grilled steak and peach salad with creamy blue cheese dressing
Green and red tomato and corn soup
Mango-cucumber salad
Pasta with chard, braised fennel, and grape tomatoes

As for the carrots, I’m just going to roast and chill them to toss in salads throughout the week.

One response to “Local Box Meal Plan: June 7-11

  1. Thank you for the pasta recipe! I had it with salmon and it was delicious. Thanks for finding a delicious and nutritious way to use the fennel and chard from this week’s box.

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