Local Box Meal Plan: June 28-July 2

First watermelons of the seasons are here, from ABJ Farms! Along with:

Carrots – My Father’s Farm
Swiss chard – Texas Naturals
Indian cucumbers – My Father’s Farm
Basil – My Father’s Farm
Mangoes or plums – G&S Groves or Purple Goose Farm, respectively
Garlic – Ringger Farm
Blueberries – Dr. Blueberry
Butterbeans – Just Peach Farm
Grape tomatoes – Acadian

So, I am making the following, many of which would be perfect for a July 4 cookout:

Watermelon – mango salad – I’m just eating any leftover watermelon by itself. It really is the perfect summer snack.

Blueberry-basil-lime salsa – This would be perfect on grilled chicken. You’ll probably have to halve the recipe to accommodate the amount of blueberries we get.

Carrot and cucumber salad

Sauteed chard with garlic

Hearty beans with beef – Use your fresh beans instead of the canned ones the recipes call for.

I’m probably just going to use the grape tomatoes in salads, but this recipe for sauteed grape tomatoes is great, too.


2 responses to “Local Box Meal Plan: June 28-July 2

  1. Hey, the link for cucumber carrot salad is busted, but that sounds delish. Would you mind updating it?

  2. Oh noes! Sorry about that — it’s fixed now.

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