Local Box Meal Plan: Sept. 13-17

This week, we’re getting:

Grape tomatoes – Pedernales Valley
Fresh pinto beans – Just Peachy
Baby squash – Animal Farm
Mixed lettuce – Bluebonnet
Basil – Urban Roots
Jalapenos – Acadian
Eggplant – Acadian
Mixed radishes with tops – My Father’s Farm
Bell peppers – Acadian
Herb – Pure Luck
Sweet potatoes – Naegelin

So I’m making:

Radish top soup – Someone posted this on our Facebook page this week — looks like a tasty way to use the whole radish. The soup base looks pretty neutral, so you can probably throw in whatever herb you end up with from Pure Luck.

Pinto bean, jack cheese, and jalapeno quesadillas – This calls for pickled peppers, but your fresh ones will be fine. You’ll probably need to use less, though, because fresh peppers are hotter than pickled ones.

Roasted baby squash – Toss in your basil or whatever herb you get.

Ratatouille – I’m adding some diced smoked sausage to this to up the protein content and make it a meal. Add it with the garlic and onion in the first step so it has time to brown before you add the rest of the ingredients. Chop up your grape tomatoes here instead of the large/diced ones the recipes calls for.

Chef Dave’s Seared Ham Steak Salad with Bibb Lettuce, Warm Sweet Potato-Bourbon Dressing and Candied Pecans – Ok, I’ll admit that this salad looks like a lot of work. Especially considering it’s a salad. But aren’t you fascinated by the idea of a sweet potato-bourbon dressing? And you can use your regular lettuce instead of the Bibb the recipe calls for. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of making the whole thing, you could just make the sweet potato dressing and use it on salads for the week.


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