Local Box Meal Plan: Sept. 27-Oct. 1

This week we’re getting:

Radishes – My Father’s Farm
Portabella mushroom caps – Kitchen Pride
Beet greens – My Father’s Farm
Assorted sweet peppers – Acadian
Lady cream peas – Just Peachy
Basil – Tecolote
Apples – Apple Country
Green shallots – Acadian
Eggplant – Acadian
Sweet potatoes – Naegelin
Zucchini – Naegelin

So, I am making:

Red chile rubbed sweet potatoes with green shallot vinaigrette – Use your shallots in place of the green onions (they taste very similar). The ingredient list for this one looks long, but it’s mostly pantry staples.

Roasted veggie pasta sauce – This looks really customizable. I’ll be using eggplant, zucchini, sweet peppers, and basil.

Sauteed beet greens and peas – This recipe is just for the greens, but I like to add extra veggies when I have them and I think the peas would be nice here. Toss them in for the last 15 minutes and simmer until tender.

Balsamic chicken cutlets over spinach salad with mushrooms, bacon and warm shallot dressing – I’m going to slice some of the apples and add them to the spinach salad. Also, note that scallions = green onions, which can equal green shallots, as I mentioned earlier. So, use any you have leftover from the sweet potato recipe above. Finally, this recipe calls for small white mushrooms, but you can just dice your portabella caps to use here.


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