Local Box Meal Plan: Nov. 8-12

Lots of variety this week – looks like a good mix of summer, fall, and winter produce. We’re getting:

Granny Smith or Cameo Apples – Apple Country
Summer Squash- Texas Natural
Green Beans – Animal
Cucumbers – Acadian
Green Shallots – Acadian
Green Cabbage – Naegelin
Swiss Chard – Acadian
Grapefruit – G&S Groves
Basil – Urban Roots
Cilantro – My Father’s Farm
Sweet Potatoes – Naegelin

Here’s this week’s video if you need a visual:

I will be making:

Asian sweet potato chowder – Can you say YUM? Sweet potatoes, cilantro, green shallots (subbed for the green onions), and coconut milk form a creamy soup. If you don’t want to mess with fresh ginger, just use the jarred, minced ginger found in the Asian food aisle. Use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth here, and this is vegan.

Apple-cabbage slaw – Serve with pork chops.

Tortellini soup – Use trimmed fresh green beans instead of frozen, add chopped Swiss chard, and use fresh basil instead of dried. You’ll probably need to add some extra broth or water to account for the extra veggies, and simmer at least 15 minutes until the green beans are tender. Also, I think this would be good without the ground beef, or with sauteed chicken instead.

Couscous and cucumber salad – Serve with broiled chicken. You can easily leave out the parsley if you don’t have it – the basil will provide enough flavor on its own.

Broiled grapefruit – This tasty breakfast recipe uses brown sugar and butter to create a sweet, crunchy topping much like the top of creme brulee – perfect on a cool morning.

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