Friend Referral Program

Think you should be getting paid for how much you talk about us? Awesome! We do too. Here’s how to do it. Print out this coupon and type in your personalized coupon code – first 3 letters of your first and last name and the first 3 numbers of your address (add zeros if you just have 1 or 2 numbers) – where it says ‘Go with Greenling and save!’, print it and hand it out to your friends and co-workers. You get 10% off your next order after they’ve joined. They get 10% off, too, by entering your coupon code when they order. So make sure they use your coupon. Here’s that coupon again.


One response to “Friend Referral Program

  1. I have not placed my first order yet can I still receive 10% once a friend has joined? what if more than one friend joins is it a limitation of 10% off or can it be more for as many people I refer?

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