Local Box Meal Plan: March 28-April 1

Tender pea shoots are featured in this week’s box – another harbinger of spring! They’re delicious just tossed in a salad or used as a veggie burger topping, but I’m including an Asian-style recipe using them for the more adventurous.

Pea Shoots – Animal Farm
Green or Red Leaf Lettuce – Acadian Family Farm
Strawberries – Gundermann
Cabbage – Naegelin
Leeks – Gundermann
Cilantro – Naegelin
Carrots – Orange Blossom
Valencia Oranges – G&S Grove
Pink Beauty Radish – West Austin Roots
Chard – Bradshaw Farm
Turnips OR Kale – Gundermann

Stir-fried pea shoots – This calls for 1.5 lbs of pea shoots and we probably won’t get that many, so adjust the ingredients accordingly.

Leek, carrot, and cabbage fried rice

Chard soup with cilantro – I was on a soup hiatus when the weather was in the 80s for a few weeks, but now that it’s cooled off I’m adding this one to the rotation. At least until it warms up.

Strawberry pecan salad – Add orange segments for more sweetness. If you’re tired of just using lettuce in salads, this link has several good lettuce recipes.

Marinated kale, radish, and pine nut salad – I admit I’m a little fascinated by this one. Marinated hearty greens? This has the potential for lots of tastiness.

For those of you who get turnips, try one of these easy side-dish recipes.

– Stephanie

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