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Greenling Field Report 03-25-11: Radish

Greenling Field Report 03-25-11: Radish Schmadish, Right?


Local Box Meal Plan: March 21-25

This week’s box includes a rare batch of dandelion greens. They have a slightly bitter flavor, sort of like chicory, and are quite nutritionally dense. I’m including several ways to prepare them below.

Slicing Tomatoes – Gundermann
Shallots – Acadian Family Farm
Cilantro – Naegelin OR My Father’s Farm
Dandelion Greens – Gundermann
Carrots – Orange Blossom
Kale – Texas Natural
Spinach – Naegelin
Navel Oranges – G&S Grove
Red Radish – West Austin Roots
Avocados – G&S Grove

Sauteed dandelion greens – This is a simple, Italian-style way to prep the greens. If you want more options, this link has several recipes featuring dandelion greens, from the simple to the more exotic (squid and greens, anyone?).

Guacamole – It’s the dip of the gods, I tell you. I usually just eyeball it and mash up some avocado with jalapenos, chopped tomatoes, cilantro, onions, garlic, lime juice, salt, and pepper, but I’m linking to a good, basic recipe if you need more guidance. Since we’re getting shallots this week, I’ll use those instead of regular onions.

Carrot-radish salad – This recipe makes a ton, so you’ll have to cut down the recipe appropriately. Also, it calls for a lime vinaigrette, but use the juice from one of your navel oranges instead.

Winter pasta – Use a combo of spinach or kale. This recipe comes together quickly with the help of a food processor. If you don’t have one, just puree everything in the blender.

– Stephanie

Local Box Video Mar 21 – 25

Local Box Video Mar 21 – 25

Tilapia with Grilled Orange Vinaigrette

Because it has been in the 80s for about a week now (yay!), I’ve started reverting back to my warm-weather habit of cooking on the grill at least a few times per week. Today I really wanted to grill some fish, but I always run into the problem of fish sticking to the grill and falling apart once it’s cooked. I realized I could circumvent this issue, and cook some veggies along with the fish, if I put everything into a foil packet on the grill.

It worked wonderfully, and is easy to boot. I just put each fish fillet on a large piece of foil and topped them with a mixture of spinach, chard, and red bell pepper. For the vinaigrette, I added orange halves to the grill for the last five minutes of cooking, then mixed their juice with olive oil and herbs. I poured it over the cooked fish and greens, and voila – the perfect spring lunch.

Tilapia with Grilled Orange Vinaigrette

4 tilapia fillets
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp dried thyme
1/2 a large bunch of chard, chopped
~5 cups spinach, chopped
1/2 a large red bell pepper, chopped
Olive oil
2 oranges, halved
Handful of cilantro, chopped
1/2 a bunch of green onions (or green garlic), chopped

Preheat grill to medium heat (about 350 degrees). Season the fish with salt, pepper, and thyme. Place each in a large piece of foil sprayed with cooking spray and drizzle a bit of olive oil over each. Combine spinach, chard, and bell pepper and top each piece of fish with the mixture. Drizzle a bit more olive oil over the veggies, season with salt and pepper, and close up the foil packets to seal.

Place packets on grill and cook 20 minutes. Rub oranges with olive oil or cooking spray and place cut side down on the grill in the last five minutes of cooking.

While fish is cooking, combine cilantro, green onions, and 1/2 cup of olive oil in a bowl.

Remove everything from the grill. Squeeze orange juice into herb/oil mixture and season with salt and pepper. Stir well. Spoon a bit of the dressing over each fish fillet and serve.

– Stephanie

Greenling Field Report 03-18-11: Sandals

Greenling Field Report 03-18-11: Sandals Resort for ducks; plus new recipe resources

Local Box Meal Plan: March 14-18

Happy Last Average Frost Day in Central Texas! We continue our march toward spring with more slicing tomatoes this week, along with some tasty cool weather produce.

Slicing Tomatoes – Gundermann
Lettuce Heads – Fruitful Farm
Spinach – Naegelin Farm
Mustard Greens – Gundermann
Shallot Scallions – Lund Produce
Navel Oranges OR Grapefruit – G&S Grove
Bok Choy OR Green Cabbage OR Collard Greens – Naegelin Farm
Green Garlic – Texas Daily Harvest
Multicolored Carrots OR Beets – Animal Farm

Stuffed tomatoes – These are filled with a cheesy spinach mixture. I’ll add chopped shallot scallions or green garlic for more flavor.

Mustard greens with honey orange vinaigrette – Use grapefruit instead of oranges if you get them, and add sliced green garlic or shallot scallions.

Chicken lettuce wraps – If you’re looking for something to do with your lettuce besides make salad. You can leave out the carrots if you don’t get them, but I think it would be tasty to add some chopped collards, cabbage, or bok choy to the mix, whichever you get.

If you get beets, this honey-balsamic beet recipe looks awesome.

– Stephanie

Local Box Video Mar 14 – 18

Local Box Video Mar 14 – 18