Local Box Meal Plan: May 16-20

Red Beet Bunch – Tecolote Farm 
Salad Mix – My Father’s Farm
Summer Squash – Texas Natural
Green Beans – Acadian Family Farm
Sweet Potatoes – Homestead Farm
Kale – Green Collier
Heirloom Tomatoes – Bluebonnet Hydroponics
Mango – G&S Groves
Fennel – Fruitful Hill Farm


Sweet potatoes with kale and ricotta – Like a baked potato, but extra special.

Heirloom tomato, fennel, and arugula salad – Use whatever heirlooms you get, and use salad mix instead of arugula (or a mix of salad greens and arugula).

Summer squash and white bean saute – Add diced, cooked chicken if you need meat.

Roasted beet and mango salad – I bet mangoes and beets will go surprisingly well together. They have a similar texture (when the beets are cooked) and they’re both rather sweet. If you happen to have more mangoes on hand, this site has a link to a tasty-looking curried mango dressing.


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