Lettuce Sing in the Rain

Acadian Family Farm lettuce fields

Lettuce fields at Acadian Family Farm

While Clockwork Orange may have forever ruined ‘Singing in the Rain’ for me, my boy Dax is untainted and got to play in the rain and puddles yesterday. Part of me thinks we should have all taken some time to get outside and play in the rain. Maybe we all have a second chance today? Send us a picture of you playing in the rain today and we’ll send you a surprise in your next basket.

The late-season lettuce is also pretty special. Heat waves often wipe out the lettuce in May, but Rod over at Acadian has been a-head of the game and bringing us some very tasty varieties. Acadian farm is in Lavaca County, and consists of a dad, mom and two grown daughters. All the vegetables that they grow and sell are naturally grown and chemical-free. They strive to grow the most flavorful and beautiful vegetables they can find. They have more than 20 yrs of vegetable growing experience and are now in their 6th year here in Central Texas.

Rod says – “’Acadians’ are the descendants of the 17th century French colonists who settled in Acadia, Canada, and who later resettled in a region of Louisiana now referred to as Acadiana. They were known for their small, self-sufficient farms. That is our heritage. In keeping with this tradition, we pledge to bring you top quality locally-grown vegetables.”

Rod is also a true entrepreneur. He studies the seed catalog and looks for the best heritage varieties to grow for Central Texas. He cares about what he provides for you and has sold to Greenling since he started the farm.


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