Honey, it’s me or the peaches!

Local Peaches

“I’m not sure there’s anything better than a fresh, local peach” Mylie says as I start to feel insecure about our relationship.. how do I compete with that? As she bit into one I could see the joy on her face as it exploded with juice. I started to regret bringing home some of the first peaches off the Caskey trees. Caskey is one of the very few peach farmers to grow locally without the use of any chemicals. With peaches so good they’re called ‘bathtub peaches’ (because they’re so juicy you have to sit in a bathtub to eat them without making a mess), quite a few bugs and other pests love them too.

We went for a visit to learn how their peaches are special and can ward off the common diseases that so many peach farmers treat with chemicals. It’s so common to use chemicals, in fact, that conventional peaches are the most chemically polluted produce item you can buy. And sorry folks, but Fredericksburg peaches are no exception. We called many of them and confirmed chemical use – see the national study here. Of course, Greenling’s peaches are never chemically treated because we only source from people like Cliff! Cliff is an amazing character that is passionate not just about peaches, but about soil and microbes. You gotta watch these short clips of our visit with him –

Cliff talking about how they can tell when their peaches are ready (hint – they use refractometers, the Texas way) –

Here’s Cliff talking about taking care of the soil and his organic fertilizers –

The Caskeys exclusively sell directly to consumers at farmers markets and through Greenling. We suggest gorging on this Texas-style ambrosia because the real peach season can sometimes be quite short. They’ll be featured in the Local Box and available in our Fruit section.


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